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5 Skills to Give You the Leading Edge as a Medical Office Admin

By June 8, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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If you’re looking for what will give you the cutting edge as you apply for positions as a medical office assistant, you’ve come to precisely the right place.

As you scout for job opportunities in medical office administration, you’ll see the topline responsibilities employers are looking for, but what about those traits and skills that will put you ahead of your competition? Beyond a medical administrative assistant diploma, or stellar marks coming out of your medical administration courses and medical assistant training program, the industry is looking for more.

Even though you’ve graduated from a leading-edge medical assistant college, received hands-on training from industry experts, you’re going to want to cultivate the traits that will ensure you ace your interview and excel in your career … and these won’t be listed in that trusty-old job description.

5 Skills You Need to Master to Succeed as a Medical Office Admin

1. Critical Thinking & Savvy Problem-Solving Skills

In a fast-paced medical office setting, dealing with patients and working alongside a medical team, requires you to creatively think on your feet. You want to be the go-to medical office administrator for solutions, handling unforeseen challenges that arise as opportunities to show your stamina and savvy at handling anything that comes your way, swiftly and with compassion and care.

2. Ability to Deal with Diverse Patients

Working with patients everyday is par for the medical office administrator’s course. Patients’ age range, perspectives, beliefs, situations and even insurance coverage are as diverse as the population at large and your job is to connect, communicate and deliver service that leaves them feeling genuinely supported.

3. Dedication to Quality Assurance & Control

You are the gatekeeper for quality of service, communications, recording and reporting information and ensuring systems and controls are in place to uphold professionalism and confidentiality. You are a star in this area and the team knows they can count on you every day.

4. Powerful, Positive Leadership Skills

Every successful workplace requires those who refuse to engage in the drama of the day-to-day, who uphold the value of positivity and present solutions that focus on possibility and growth. You are a natural leader who mentors others by example, keeping your eye on the bigger picture – the positive patient experience and all that is required to deliver just that.

5. Passionate About Growth and Easily Adaptable

You are committed to your constant growth and development, to the benefit of your colleagues, the advancement of your team and the services and support they provide, and the up-to-date and detailed care you provide to patients. You keep apprised of advancements in your profession and in technology and use these insights to constantly take your position and service up a notch. You can attribute the trust your team puts in you and your career advancement to these power skills.

With an awareness of what employers are truly looking for, in addition to your technical skills, you can position yourself in the interview and in your job, to truly succeed. And if your wanting to take your understanding one step further, you can always connect with our popular blog post, Medical Office Assistant Training + These 5 Soft Skills = Career Success!

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