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5 Reasons Why Earning a Paralegal Diploma Is Worth It!

By January 12, 2023No Comments
paralegal diploma

Whether you are looking to bolster your legal career, give yourself the competitive edge in the industry or are busting into the market, training to become a paralegal in Ontario is a thrilling prospect. You may wonder if working your way up in a company has the same affect as earning a diploma in the field. We thought a breakdown of the benefits of a paralegal training program or paralegal studies in Ontario would be helpful as you consider your future.

Why Earning A Paralegal Diploma Is Definitely Worth It


1. Fast-Track Study – At Anderson College, within one year (48 to 50 weeks), as opposed to years of law school and a hefty investment, you can take classes for paralegal, led by industry experts, and enter into the field of law. Paralegals in Ontario now have their own scope of practice and, within these permitted areas, provide an affordable option for legal services.

2. Credibility in Your Career
Anderson’s Paralegal programs are accredited by the Law Society of Ontario until 2025 and the objective of our Paralegal program is to provide students with the required substantive law training to successfully enter the Law Society of Ontario’s paralegal licensing process. To provide legal services, those intent on becoming a paralegal in Ontario, must be licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. And to obtain a license, a person must graduate from a program accredited by the Law Society of Ontario, pass a licensing examination and be of good character.

3. Exceptional Career Prospects – From government, corporate, insurance and banks to courts and legal clinics, there are myriad job opportunities for paralegals. For a full run down, connect with our popular blog Powerful Job Prospects for Paralegal Diploma Graduates.

4. Boundless Benefits – For those with a passion for law, a heart for helping those in need, and a desire to be a part of an ever-evolving and challenging profession, this career has near-endless benefits. Review our blog on the Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Paralegal Career for all the details.

5. A Team of Support – When you pursue a career with Anderson College, a team of dedicated and caring professionals support you as you set your career goals and empower you to achieve them. We know that navigating the details can sometimes feel challenging, so we’re here to assist every step along the way. If you’re still deciding if this career aligns with your interests, you can take the “Anderson College Legal Career Training Readiness Quiz”. If you’re ready to review the specifics, check out Your Guide to Becoming a Paralegal in Ontario.

The benefits in the short and long run to earning your diploma in this field are vast; the sooner you begin the sooner you can begin taping those extraordinary opportunities. Book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today to start exploring your Paralegal career and let’s get you started! A year from now, you’ll be thrilled you did.

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