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5 Life-Enhancing Benefits of a Medical Esthetician Facial Massage

By August 15, 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments
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When we look better, we feel better; when we feel better we exude confidence, enhance relationships because our energy is inviting and our radiance is infectious. We may think that getting a facial massage is just a simple pampering but what it offers by way of health and wellness benefits, often exceeds our expectations and even our initial understanding.

We’re here to enlighten and inspire you to book your next facial massage by a professional or, if you have a passion for beauty college/attending a beauty institute, to explore a medical aesthetic training course/medical esthetician course or a medical aesthetics certificate.

You can be on the receiving, or delivery, end of a facial massage that has proven to invigorate, rejuvenate and even hold aging at bay.

But what exactly is a facial massage? Just like the “ahhhh” feeling you get with a body massage, a facial massage is the technique used to gently knead the muscles of the face, allowing for relaxation and increased blood flow. But there is so much more to the experience.

Here are the …

Top 5 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Receiving a Facial Massage by a Medical Esthetician


1. Relieves Tension and Tones the Muscles

We carry a lot of stress in our faces, from creasing our foreheads in an anxious moment to tensing our jaw during the day and even when we sleep. We use our arms to lift and carry, and that tension travels to the shoulders and neck. Facial massage, kneading, tapping, pinching, encourages these muscles to relax and release and allows for us to “let go”, relieving restrictions in both our muscles and our minds.

2. Increases Blood Flow and Toxin Release

The toxins in our daily environments can build up within our skin and add to our fine lines, puffiness and initiate breakouts. Facial massage stimulates our lymphatic drainage system as blood flow increases and this in turn flushes out waste and helps cells rejuvenate. This keeps our skin clean and fresh and brilliant feeling and looking.

3. Gives a Glow

With all this blood flow and tension release comes a natural rosy glow. You know, that thing we notice in young people. No matter your age, improving the circulation around your eyes, smoothing out the wrinkles across your face and engaging in conscious self care, helps to stimulate brilliance back into the skin. And as we mentioned, when you glow, it shows, and somehow you look and feel better not just on the outside, but on the inside.

4. Improves Product Absorption

Usually, your selfcare routine goes hand-in-hand with cleansers, toners and moisturizers, designed to clean pores, balance the skin’s PH and add moisture back in. With regular facial massage, your cells are cleaner, clearer, making way for better absorption of products improving efficacy of your daily face care routine.

5. Decreases Wrinkles, Making Us Feel and Look Younger

Facial massage, over time, offers an overall lifting and brightening affect and with increased blood flow comes a natural increase in collagen. This decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and gives our skin a youthful appearance.

While you can certainly DIY this facial massage, having the benefit of a professional who understands the structure and needs of the face and the products that can offer results faster, is priceless. Anderson College’s Medical Esthetician program trains you to use the techniques, and reviews the tools, to provide this invigorating service to your clients. And this is just one of the many amazing offerings you’ll provide, as you encourage and deliver powerful care to those in need of a little pampering.

Still considering whether taking a medical esthetics course is for you? Take the “Anderson College Medical Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz”.

If you’re ready to leap into a rewarding career in is this area or want to explore your best career fit with one of our other 30+ leading-edge programs, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Book a virtual appointment with us today.

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