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5 In-Demand Skillsets Paralegal Employers Seek Out

By November 7, 2022No Comments
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Paralegal is a profession that empowers you to support those in need of economical legal services and is ever increasing in demand. If you have a passion for the law and are exploring your options for training to become a paralegal, you not only need to select a leading-edge paralegal training program but know the skills that are sought by employers so you can land that dream job.

If you’re still researching whether this is a fit with your interests, take the “Anderson College Legal Career Training Readiness Quiz”. If you’re looking for reasons for becoming a paralegal in Ontario, we’ve got 7, laid out in our popular blog.

But if you’re set to dive in and see the specifics on what employers are looking for in a successful candidate, then this post is for you! Before signing up for your classes for paralegal, you want to understand expectations and align your efforts and program selection for success.

5 In-Demand Skillsets Paralegal Employers Seek


1. Communication on All Levels

This career is communications heavy, from research, writing, polishing and presenting to paperwork. It requires superior skills in reading, writing, research, analysis and a keen ability to communicate your findings and ideas succinctly and professionally. You not only need to be thorough, but sharp and quick.

2. Organization, Time Management, Detail Orientation

These skills all go hand in hand and are essential. You must be able to organize paperwork, research, client and team schedules and cases in a fast-paced environment. You will juggle numerous projects and have to manage your time, and often that of team members, effectively. And there is no doubt that your attention to detail, in all aspects of your job, from assisting serval lawyers to reviewing materials, is crucial. There will always be a deadline and busy schedules to contend with. So, if this is your buzz, you’re pursuing the perfect course.

3. Multitasking

You could not do any of what is required for points 1 and 2 if you weren’t a master multitasker. Paralegal work is unpredictable, and you must adapt, adjust and be able to handle daily expectations alongside short and long-term goals and projects. There is no ‘typical’ day in this career choice, and your ability to succeed depends on the thrill you get from juggling many balls at the same time (without dropping them).

4. Proactive, Creative, Critical-Thinking Mindset

You are a go-getter as a paralegal; you can think critically and creatively to find a solution or a route that will help the lawyers you support and the clients they serve succeed. You are always willing to learn, you listen intently and soak up the insights, experience and wisdom those with a track record offer.

5. Integrity, Professionalism, Team Player

Employers seek out paralegals, and team members who follow through on what they say they will do, always. They select those who present themselves in a professional manner, staff members who will represent their values and who play well with others. Leading from an ethical foundation is a must and an ability to cohesively connect with and support your team, as well as peaceably work alongside those of opposing opinions, are indispensable skills.

Our highest priority at Anderson College, in addition to providing classes for paralegal that give you the necessary training to succeed, is to ensure you graduate in demand. Our Paralegal program gives you the foundation, our team of experts support your growth and if you bring these skillsets to the table, we will empower you to hone them.

If you are ready to pursue your paralegal studies in Ontario, we here to help you navigate your way. Book a virtual appointment with an Admissions Advisor today, and let’s get you started.

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