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5 Fantastic Reasons to Launch Your IT Technician Career NOW

By September 26, 2022No Comments
IT Technician Career

If you’re tech savvy, get a charge from keeping computer systems operating efficiently to ensure your team is working optimally and want a thriving, ever-evolving career, becoming an information technology (IT) technician is for you.

We’re going to give you the skinny on why.

Whether you’re just exploring information technology programs/information technology colleges or are focused on taking an information technology course and getting your diploma in information technology, you want to know where this career will take you.

There are many IT opportunities you can explore, but honing in on IT technician, can mean that within just 36 weeks you can be employed, expanding your experience and networking in the industry that you’re passionate about.

5 Fantastic Reasons to Launch Your IT Technician Career


1. Indispensable Job Position

All thriving organizations require people adept at keeping technology, and thus business operations, running smoothly.

As an IT technician your computer savvy and ability to navigate technological systems and empower others to use tech effectively, is invaluable within a variety of work environments. Charged with keeping computer systems functioning, you diagnose, repair, and maintain hardware and software components for efficient system operation. Your duties vary significantly according to the needs of the company, but in all environments, you interact with employees at both the co-worker and executive level and manage a variety of advanced technology systems.

Being an IT technician ensures you are never not in demand.

2. Limitless Growth Opportunities

Not only does this career consistently keep you challenged and interested, as you’ll be keeping pace with tech as it rapidly shifts and advances, but it offers you the opportunity to advance your career in the company you work within. As the IT technician you are a touch point for all employees, helping them through their computer challenges, solving the issues that worry them and helping them work efficiently. As the star of the technician crew, you’ll have an ‘in’ with team members and be top of mind when it comes to advancement. This career is a terrific leaping-off point, whether you’re passionate about your initial IT technician position long-term or are looking to network and evolve in your career to higher levels of management.

3. A Skillset for Various Industries

Trained in the foundations necessary for a tech career, the skillset you develop is transferable to a variety of work positions. After a time gaining experience in the IT industry, you may decide that you’re suited for another path. With the qualifications you’ve got under your belt, and the rate at which technology is impacting every business venture, you will have the competitive edge when it comes to interviewing for your next career move. Not to mention the business contacts you will have made, interacting and supporting a number of high-end executives as their IT tech!

4. Flexible Working Environment

Particularly in our post-COVID world, as an IT tech you will likely have flexible work options, connecting in an office, as well as working from home. Because the work you do is behind the scenes and can be done remotely, you will not only have the chance to work alongside team members but can often do your work from the comfort of your home office. Depending on the job you take, this can mean you can complete your tasks at your pace, during the times when you feel motivated (or when the team needs you) and can balance work with life responsibilities.

5. Fast-Track Education

No need to take years to train and excel in your field. With a program like the IT Technician program offered at Anderson College, you can be qualified within 9 months, trained by industry experts and benefit from courses that are recognized by Microsoft Academy. Our accelerated 36-week information technology technician course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and training in pace with current industry advancements that meet the IT needs of today. Some of the areas you will explore within the curriculum are A+ Core Computer Repair, A+ Operating Systems, Server+, Cloud+ (all CompTIA Certification), and IT Fundamentals, Network, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Security and Career Strategies.

If you’re still deciding whether this program is aligned with your interests and career goals, why not take the “Anderson College IT Technician Career Discovery Quiz”?

Of if, after reading this compelling list of reasons, you’re ready to leap right in to this lucrative and rewarding career, book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team and start your IT Technician career by joining our next class!

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