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5 Fabulous Reasons to Launch a Pharmacy Assistant Career

By January 18, 2023No Comments
Pharmacy Assistant

Do you have a passion for patient care, exceptional organizational skills and envision supporting a dynamic healthcare team? The pharmacy is a hub for patients accessing the resources they need to heal and experience vibrant living. Pharmacy training courses prepare driven, compassionate students with the skills to perform a variety of key functions, from preparing and distributing prescribed medications, entering orders and filling prescriptions, to ensuring that the pharmacist has verified and approved the prescription before giving the medication to the patient. This industry is ever growing and there are myriad reasons why you might consider this as a career to pave the way for a bright future.

If you’re considering whether this may be a fit for your interests, you can take our “Pharmacy Assistant Discovery Quiz”. If you’re already taking pharmacy assistant classes or a pharmacy assistant course in Ontario, you may be enjoying pharmacy assistant school, but are just looking for a little inspiration as you begin considering options after graduation. Whatever the reason, we have the motivation for you.

Here are 5 Fabulous Reasons to Launch Your Career as a Pharmacy Assistant …


1. An Ever-Expanding, Recession-Proof Industry

We have nothing in life without our health, is a universal truth, and the healthcare industry will ever be in need of dynamic professionals to guide, educate, encourage and support patients. With a growing aging population, pharmacy professionals retiring and an ever-present need for medications, remedies, and the care to ensure patients are utilizing them properly, this career is one that is secure and rewarding.

2. Lucrative and Diverse Opportunities

As a pharmacy assistant, you can take your pick of places where you will apply the skills you learn, be it in a community, retail, compounding or hospital pharmacy, or health store, care home, even correction facility. Because you are constantly in demand, the pay is good even right after you graduate and increases as you advance your knowledge and expand your opportunities.

3. Career Advancements

The chances of being able to learn and grow on the job and advance your position, are excellent, vast and typical. This is a career you truly can tailor make to match your career and life goals. If you are a person who thrives when taking on new challenges, this career offers long-term professional opportunities as you continue to learn, train and advance your skillset. You can begin as a pharmacy assistant, and work your way toward a career as a pharmacy technician and even a pharmacist.

4. Active, Engaging Days on the Job

This career is for those who excel in active environments, enjoy hands-on work with the healthcare team and patients in need of support. Your responsibilities shift day-to-day, and your tasks are varied from organizing details, managing customer transactions to packaging prescriptions and stocking shelves. And not only does this career engage you physically but emotionally, as you compassionately help others. If you’re interested in a career that works your head and your heart, this is for you.

5. Flexible, Accessible Training Options

If you have drive and passion, there is nothing stopping you from entering into the healthcare field as a pharmacy assistant. To have a competitive edge, you can obtain your diploma by taking a pharmacy assistant program, like the one we have at Anderson College. Our program is 44 weeks, including 240 hours of practicum with on-the-job training, offsite with potential employers. It provides you with an interactive learning experience on key topics such as compounding and dispensing prescriptions and customer care. The curriculum covers areas such as: role of the assistant, dispensing, provincial and federal legislation, pharmacology, community procedures, compounding drug distribution systems, pharmaceutical calculations and more. You will also learn computer and communication skills and come away feeling confident in your ability to provide exceptional patient care.

If you’re looking to launch a lucrative, expanding, in-demand career in healthcare within one year, this could be for you. We know that navigating your way to your first or next career, can be made easier with a little support. Our team is here to ensure you find the right program fit and can smoothly work through the process from sign up to graduation day. Explore our Pharmacy Assistant program details, and then book a virtual appointment with our admissions team. Let’s get you started today.

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