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5 Brilliant Reasons to Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS)

By September 2, 2021August 18th, 2022No Comments
diagnostic medical sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (also known as Ultrasound Technologist) are an integral part of the medical team and as technology advances so too does the demand for this dynamic, rewarding career that not only rocks in status but personal satisfaction.

Blending science, technology and medicine, offering an opportunity to be part of a powerful, professional team, all while serving patients and saving lives, this position is perfect for those looking to take their career, contribution and life to new levels.

Let us offer you our insights on …

the Top 5 Reasons You Want to Explore Your Brilliant Future as a DMS professional!

1.Booming Industry and Stellar Sector

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you are a highly-skilled medical imaging professional within the allied health sector, utilizing your technical expertise, knowledge of human anatomy and the physical principles of ultrasound to produce diagnostic images of the body. You’re part of a powerful industry that, as we’ve seen over this last year and a half, is more crucial than ever. Healthcare is the foundation of our vibrant society and as a sonographer the expertise you offer supports both physicians and patients.

Anderson College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Chair, John Lai, offered this insight …

“For the last several years, the healthcare sector has seen persistent growth across North America and diagnostic medical sonographers are in high demand. As the sonography field continues to evolve and technology continues to improve, medical specialties will rely on it more and more.”

Your future in this field aligns you with limitless opportunities.

2.Job Variety and Superb Growth

Professional sonographers have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings from hospitals, clinics and laboratories to governance associations, even travelling to bring expertise on location using portable equipment.

Diagnostic ultrasound is a fast-growing field, that will continue to expand as baby boomers age. With a job prospect rating of “Good”, the highest rating offered by Job Bank, this career offers stability and growth potential, particularly as you evolve and specialize as a professional in the industry.

3.Tech-Fanatic Approved

Starting right out of the gate during your studies, you’re able to receive hands-on training with leading-edge tech.

“Anderson College’s DMS program provides access to a state-of-the-art scan lab with the latest in ultrasound technology and high-fidelity simulators.” – Leonardo Faundez, Lead Instructor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

In this profession you’ll be expected to constantly stay ahead of the technology curve and as such will never fail to fuel your need for exploring the latest and greatest in tech.

4.Security and Sweet Satisfaction

In the wake of COVID-19, as our economy continues to recover, professionals in many sectors are left wondering about job security. As a diagnostic medical sonographer providing a vital service to a growing population, you will work, never wonder. And the added bonus, you get to connect with, compassionately care for and provide support to patients in need. You have a paycheque and a passionate reason to show up and be your best everyday.

5.Quick Hands-On Training Comes with Credential Potential

With a fabulous return on investment of time and energy, particularly for a career in the medical field, you can be trained, in demand and on the job in 2 years. And with Anderson’s DMS program you receive the bonus of an extended practicum – two 16-week externships. The overall program goals and objectives are aligned with Sonography Canada’s National Competency Profile Version 6.0. Graduates will be poised to earn professional credentials and will be prepared for the Canadian and American Registry exams.

Take the “Medical Professional Career Discovery Quiz”

Your brilliant future awaits. To find out about how you can launch your studies and become a diagnostic medical sonographer, book an express appointment with one of our Anderson Admissions Advisor today!

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