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4 Signs You Could Be a Perfect Fit for Dental Assistant Training

By October 10, 2018August 18th, 2022No Comments
Dental Assistant school

It can be difficult to decide on a career path. There are so many opportunities to choose from, and it can be hard knowing which one would feel most fulfilling. Would you be best suited to a career in healthcare, or one in business? Are you an ideal fit for working in an office environment, or would you prefer something a little more hands-on?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell which career would be the best fit for you. In fact, if you’re wondering whether a career as a dental assistant would suit you, here are four reasons why you might enjoy this career path.

1. You Want a Client-Facing Position

Dental assistants have many different responsibilities within a dental practice, and perform a variety of tasks. They can polish teeth and apply fluoride, they can take preliminary impressions for diagnostic casts, and more. In addition, another important part of their work involves interacting with patients and educating them on the importance of oral care.

If listening and responding to patients and having good interpersonal skills are some of your strengths, or sounds like something you would enjoy, then dental assistant training might be right for you. This kind of career emphasizes supportive client interaction, and is a good fit if you enjoy talking to people and helping them.

2. Seeing Healthy Smiles Brightens Your Day

Some dental assistants know right away that they were destined for a career in dentistry because they have a passion for teeth. Others might have developed an interest in oral hygiene a little later in life, or might simply be open to learning more about this important dimension of health.

Many clients can feel self-conscious if they have a less than stellar smile, but dental assistants can help dentists and dental hygienists make these goals a reality. If you’re interested in helping others, and want to learn a little more about dental care, this could be an ideal career path for you.

3. You Pay Attention to Detail

There are many policies and regulations involved in any health care profession, including dentistry. Dental assistants must often be aware of the specific rules and protocols which influence the correct treatment and standard procedure. In order to guarantee that the office is following the right protocol, dental assistants must be able to pay attention and synthesize details both small and large, as well as ensure that regulations are being adhered to in the office itself.

4. Organization Is Key to Success after Dental Assistant School

Organization is an excellent skill to have even outside of the workplace, but it is particularly useful during and after dental assistant school. Dental assistants are often responsible for the care and arrangement of dental equipment, and should be ready to help during a check-up or procedure with the appropriate tools.

One of the key duties of any dental assistant is to make sure that the office is running smoothly, because a delay can affect the lives of both clients and employees alike. In order to do this properly, careful attention should be paid to managing and planning the correct dental treatment, which relies on a well-maintained dental record. If the idea of alphabetized, cascading files has piqued your attention, you may want to start thinking about a dental assistant position.

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