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3 Simple Steps to Become a Personal Support Worker

By May 16, 2022August 19th, 2022No Comments
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It takes a remarkable human being to compassionately care for others, when their physical needs are high, and their spirits can be low. Often a person who chooses to be a personal support worker (PSW) feels as those it isn’t really a job, but a calling. And we need extraordinary people like this in this world.

If you have ever felt drawn to help those experiencing ailments or disability, in need of physical, cognitive, emotional and social support, then perhaps you’ve just found your next rewarding career. This path requires PSW schooling, taking a PSW course, an online PSW course in Ontario or PSW course in Canada in person (or a hybrid of the two). But should you feel motivated to embark on this educational pathway, there are some incredible benefits:

  • Training is quick and doors of opportunity open when you’re empowered by expert instructors and receive hands-on learning
  • Job opportunities are on the rise and there are numerous ways in which you can apply your talents within Ontario and across Canada.

Learning the necessary steps to launch your next career opportunity can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make that process easy-peasy.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Become a PSW so you can leap in and embrace this in-demand, and personally rewarding, opportunity.

Step 1. Determine Interest Alignment

Determine whether this type of career is suited to your passions and interest. Read our article, Top 5 Reasons to Work in Healthcare. If you feel yourself nodding and filled with a sense of excitement, you know you’re on the right track and jump to …

Step 2. Research Best Fit

Research your program options, thoroughly, and find the best fit for you! Look at program details: length, timing, requirements, and the personal and professional expertise and support you’ll receive from the college you select.

Anderson College’s PSW Program is 40 weeks, includes a 15-week practicum with on-the-job training, offsite with potential employers. The PSW Hybrid Program, allows students to study online, at their own pace and engage in virtual class instruction. It can be completed in 27 weeks and includes 5 weeks of, clinical / long-term care and 3 weeks of community care, externships.

The PSW program you select should also have opportunities for you to apply your knowledge in a simulated environment. In Anderson’s PSW program, you have the distinct advantage of working within our fully equipped, simulated hospital room and practical nursery room. We have equipment ranging from wheelchairs and Hoyer lifts, to specialized hospital beds. You will have all the hands-on practice required to feel comfortable and confident when caring for patients of all ages and abilities.

And these externships, or practicums, (we mention in program info above), they allow you to work with offsite, potential, employers, and should be high on your list of ‘must haves’ in college selection.

Step 3. Envision Yourself in the Field

Imagine that you have graduated and are working; know what your options are. Make sure you can see yourself enjoying every day in your new career. We wrote a whole article about your various options, so you can get a sense of the life you can have in this role. A PSWs Guide to Career Opportunities After Training.


If you moved through these three steps and are more jazzed than ever about the possibilities, then your next move is … practical action.

Take the “Anderson College Career Quiz” – Considering your goals and exploring various career options, empowers you to make informed decisions about your future. Let’s get you started. It takes just minutes.

Or if you’re ready to begin the process, we’re here and ready to help. Book an express appointment with an Admissions Advisor today!

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