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2023 IT Job Trends to Know as You Launch Your Tech Career

By February 28, 2023April 1st, 2024No Comments
2023 IT Job Trends

Canada’s Tech Sector Fuels Growth Across the Economy”, headlines a press release that reflects the findings of a study done by the Business Development Bank of Canada. “Growth in the tech sector is expected to be 5.3% in 2022, and growth for the 2021-24 period is expected to be 22.4%.

“…The tech sector is a key pillar of Canada’s economy, driving growth across sectors and helping make other industries more productive.”

With the surging opportunities post-COVID, shift in how we work, exponential need to be connected across businesses, cities and countries, and drive to innovate online, there has never been a better time in history to launch a career in IT.

Before you complete your information technology course/information technology programs or walk that stage with that diploma in information technology in hand, we thought a look at where the industry is headed may help in setting those lofty grad-goals.

Top 2023 IT Job Trends to Know to Support Your Tech Career Goals


Remote Work is the New Norm

Addressing labour shortages by creating the opportunity for companies to draw from a wider candidate pool, removing location limitations and being able to truly attract the best of the best no matter where they reside, remote work is where it’s at from here on.

Rising Compensation

As demand rises, so too does compensation. If there’s a surge in need, then organizations need to do what is required to ensure they hire the best there is. And for those information technology colleges offering leading-edge programs that provide the skills and training necessary for graduates to gain the competitive edge, their enrollment numbers are sure to be on the rise too.

And knowing you’re in demand gives you that desired leveraging power.

A Focus on Retention Drives Employers

With this focus, you are in a terrific position for negotiation. A Gartner press release, relays that their survey finds, “… only 29% of IT Workers have high intent to stay with current employer.” It goes on to reveal that, “… data shows that more flexible and human-centric work policies can reduce attrition and increase performance … and 65% of IT employees said that whether they can work flexibly will impact their decision to stay at the organization.” These trends not only give you the peace of mind to know you’ll have a thriving career, but the ability to negotiate your compensation, working conditions and location.

New Skillsets Are Essential

IT professionals have always needed cutting-edge understanding to lead in the workplace and acquire their ideal job positions, but demand is increasing. Companies what to know their IT teams can not only deliver but drive tech to increase success. You’ll need to be agile, keep a pace ahead with product development, code like a wizard, wield marketing data to entice and problem solve, and ensure security for your company is ironclad.


Recognizing these trends empowers you to make decisions that serve your future, from selecting your information technology technician course and a team dedicated to your technical, professional, and personal success to negotiating during the interview process.

If you’re looking to determine if your interests and skills may match this career, take our “Anderson College IT Career Discovery Quiz”. If you’re looking to launch your Information Technology career , book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to determine your best tech-career fit. We’ve been helping students become confident and in demand for the last 137 years; we’d love to help you live your career and life goals too.

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