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10 Undeniable Signs That It’s Time for a New Career

By October 11, 2021August 19th, 2022No Comments
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We are not born to live lives of quiet desperation, to dread Monday mornings, to feel a sense of wild relief when we punch the clock to go home or click Zoom’s “End Meeting for All”, or to constantly struggle to make ends meet.

We’ve all heard the quote… “It’s not the years in life that count, but the life in your years.” (Abraham Lincoln). And as most of us spend 80% of our time working, it makes sense that sweet satisfaction in our career means peace and happiness in our lives.

To ensure that we are taking care of our mental health and our loved ones, that we are doing all we can to relieve stress, even entertain joy and experience vibrant days filled with gratitude – first we must, honestly, reflect. This leads to our ability to set our sights on the possibilities for a second career that does empower us to have life in our years.

And, as we keenly know (or should), a whisper of knowing always comes before you’re called to step off that cliff of familiarity and … soar.

Let us start with the signs and then reflect on what we can do about them!

10 Undeniable Signs That It’s Time for a Career Change

1.Daydreaming at the Office – You envision a career other than the one you’re in. You find yourself imagining feeling like a success and having an impact on those around you, because you aren’t experiencing it day-to-day.

2.Eye Rolling (Hopefully only inside your mind) – What you once perhaps found exciting is dreary, the people you work with are difficult, even toxic, you’re not trusted or celebrated. In meetings or conversations, you feel the sudden urge to roll your eyes. Although because you’re a professional, I trust you wouldn’t!

3.Career Goals Are Non-Existent – You have lost your desire to step up your game, or dream and set serious goals for development and growth. You have lost your drive and verve for the job and are surviving the days.

4.Pay Cheque Motivation – You would no longer do the work you’re doing if you weren’t getting paid. You know those people who say they’d do exactly what they’re doing, for free? That’s not you. It may have been at one point, but now you ‘X’ off the days until the auto deposit and make plans to spend it to find joy.

5.New? What’s New? – You’ve done it all, the challenge is gone and you can’t remember the last time you learned something new or took on an exciting project. Stagnation rules your days.

6.A Creeping Suspicion – You know you’re capable of more, more responsibility, more efficiency, more growth, more success but no one else seems to see it or believe in you and give you a chance to shine.

7.Dread to Depression – It’s starts off as boredom, a sinking feeling that what you do isn’t having an impact, isn’t challenging you to be your best. Then you find your hands gripped tighter around the wheel as you drive to work thinking about the day ahead. Next is the desire to call in sick or call in ‘well’. If these signs are ignored, even depression can set in with feelings of despair and wondering what life is really all about.

8.Your Health Takes a Hit – Disease always begins with dis-ease, physical wellness walks hand-in-hand with wellness of the mind. You start to see that what began as dissatisfaction, is now affecting your sleep, eating, relationships and/or health on the whole.

9.Struggle Doesn’t Suit You Anymore – You may have done the job you’re doing because it was what you needed to pay the bills, but you’ve shifted your perspective. You see that there are opportunities out there that could offer you a paycheque and a rewarding career experience. You’re tired of the struggle; you recognize you deserve more and you’re willing to work for it.

10.Signs of a New Tomorrow Find You – Like finding and reading this article, serendipitous encounters and connections are nudging you to make a change, to see the possibilities and take action. What will you do with those signs?

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We instinctively know when we are dissatisfied; it starts with a gentle whisper, then a nudge and hopeful we figure it out before we get knocked off our feet. Where are you in the process of discovering that there is more to life? Where are you on the path to realizing that there are opportunities designed just for you, that allow you to balance family with work, learning with your responsibilities, and the chance to really put life into your years with a new career?

If you still need to explore more, connect with our blog Midlife Career Change? Your Guide to Success at Any Age

If you’re ready to have a conversation about Ontario private colleges and the possibilities, we’re here to help. Every one of our brilliant Anderson graduates began right where you are … with hope, and their hand on the door. Now they look back, thrilled they opened it.

Connect with one of our Admissions Advisors to explore our 30+ college courses and programs, your second career opportunities and whether you may be eligible for second career funding. We want to empower you to do what you love, experience a rewarding career, and know that your work in the world, your life, matters.

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