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10 Tips to Soar in a Successful Administration Career

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If your interests and ambitions focus on being instrumental in, and contributing to, how a business fundamentally operates, and empowering executives, team members and organizations to thrive, there are myriad administration careers for you to explore.

From accounting and payroll administration, business accounting and payroll, business administration and management, executive and office/small business administration to supply chain and logistics, administration programs, administrative studies and a diploma in administration can help you achieve your career goals.

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Ready to leap right in and see what it takes to succeed? Here we go …

10 Tips to Soar in a Successful Administration Career


1. Be a Master Multitasker

As an administration executive, in any number of roles, you will be required to juggle (not physically of course, but mentally) various and large quantities of projects, ideas and responsibilities at any given time. This needs to be in your wheelhouse.

2. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Your ability to manage your own time, as well as those you work for, will enhance office efficiency, motivate others to play their ‘A’ game, and ensure deadlines are met and projects succeed. This is the foundation of everything, so you can do more and be more.

3. Communicate with Flair

You will interact with and advise various levels of management, suppliers, clients, and potential clients; you need to shine. Your ability to consistently be a pleasure to deal with, and a powerful professional to boot, will affect every aspect of your job and will ripple through the organization. You can easily be the person known for solving an issue, calming a concern, and inspiring positive relationship development in the office. This speaks volumes about you and will lead to any number of opportunities for the job you’re in, or your long-term ambitions.

4. Pride Yourself on Being Patient

As the gatekeeper of information, you will need to inform, communicate, organize, detail, deliver and educate team members on when and how to comply to what needs to be done. This will require infinite patience and an ability to calmly and professionally communicate, and you’ll have to deal with the inevitable glitches that will occur from time to time with ease and efficiency.

5. Own Your Integrity

Be a person everyone can count on. Do what you say you’re going to do. Period. And to add a little more wow-factor to this one … under promise and over deliver, every time!

6. Hone Your Cheerleading Skills

Enthusiasm speaks volumes. It shows others that you love your job. It proves to your boss you like working for him/her. It communicates to your team members that you appreciate working alongside them. And even better, if you cheer for your team members, they’ll understand that you aren’t just out for yourself, but for their wellbeing and success. Trust me, with this skill intact, when you need them (as you inevitably will), they’ll be sure to be there for you too!

7. Be the Go-To for Your Industry

You want people to use you as a resource, to know they can consult you on numerous issues. In your administrative role you will be privy to an incredible amount of wisdom and industry knowledge; soak it all up. Your boss will thank you. Your team will admire you and you may just be top of mind for your pick of promotions, if you so choose.

8. Understand and Manage Expectations

In administration you will be jack (or jill) of all trades and often your role is not clearly defined. Use perception and intuition, pay attention to where the gaps are and fill them, and when in doubt, ask. See yourself as the owner of the company does. It isn’t about what your specific responsibilities are (although knowing those is essential too), it’s about viewing a situation and seeing where your skillset can propel a goal, a project, your team, forward. People will come to view you as an expert with knowledge to tap. This is a fabulous thing!

9. See and Be the Leader You Are

No matter what role you play in the organization, you are a leader in your own right. In administration you have a vital role in ensuring efficiency, quality customer service, effective problem solving and creative, critical thinking reign supreme. Hone your leadership skills and you’ll solidify your place on the team (and often in the hearts of those you work with).

10. Leave ‘Em Wanting More

As you master traits 1 through 9 you will create and leave an impression that goes beyond how awesome you are at your job. You will be a person, co-worker, employee and professional, who makes the work a little easier, and leaves everyone a little better for having contributed to their day. View every minute on the job as an opportunity to leave an impression.

Ready to explore how you can make these tips work for you in a thriving administration career? We’re here to help you navigate your way to finding the perfect program fit. Explore your admin career options here and then book a virtual appointment with our Admissions team to join the next class!

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