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10 Money-Making Careers for Anderson Business Management Grads

By April 29, 2021December 2nd, 2022No Comments
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A Business Management diploma from Anderson College opens up a world of career possibilities, from sales and marketing to finance and operations. Our leading-edge program ensures our graduates are prepared for the real world by offering the right knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed in business.

Our specialized Business Management diploma covers administration, staffing, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, communications, and compliance of businesses. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, many of our students have moved on to flourishing business careers across an array of industries.

Curious about what you could do with a Business Management degree? Here are 10 different jobs that every company needs to keep operations running smoothly.

Ten Career Options as an Anderson Business Management Grad:

1. Sales Representative/Manager

A career in sales offers high earning potential, security, flexibility, and skills development. A job in sales can also act as a stepping-stone to other career opportunities. Working directly with clients, sales representatives develop relationships with their clients, in order to sell a service or product. Many choose a career in sales because it offers the ability to earn more; on top of a base salary, many sales representatives also earn top dollar with additional commissions.

2. Marketing Manager
Marketing managers work with executives to develop a strategy for their company to drive more sales. A career in marketing can mean many different things and offer a wide array of choices. Some who work in the field are focused on advertising, while others have jobs more closely linked to sales. From management to consulting in large or small businesses, there will always be a need for marketing professionals. If you are interested in things like branding, selling, communications, and creative design, then you are probably destined for a career in marketing!

3. Human Resources Generalist

A human resources (HR) generalist manages the daily HR operations for an organization. The last two decades have seen an explosion in the HR profession, with many jobs available. From coordinator to talent recruiter and manager, a role in HR can be found across industries and in companies of all sizes. Candidates who choose a role in HR should be patient, natural leaders, and customer focused.

4. Manager
Managers are tasked with maintaining organization and efficiency inside a company. Managers often hire and train new employees, plan schedules, give reports and presentations to higher executives to show how a company is performing, plan team meetings to increase morale and productivity, and create and maintain budgets for the organization. In most organizations managerial positions range from front-line supervisory roles, all the way up to CEO. There are also managers of managers, project managers and a variety of other interesting and wide-ranging manager positions.

5. Administrative Assistant
An administrative assistant performs clerical tasks within the workplace. Responsibilities might include filing, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and supporting staff. Administrative assistants work in many sectors of business and industry. This means that you can apply for more positions, therefore upping your chances of being hired!

6. Financial Advisor
Financial advisors are uniquely qualified and help individuals learn about their investment, insurance, and retirement options. To be successful, financial advisors need to have a comprehensive understanding of investment markets, stocks, bonds and funds. According to recent studies, job growth for financial advisors is projected to be 15% by the end of 2026 – more than twice the rate of growth for all jobs on average!

7. Account Executive
Account executives are responsible for acquiring new clients and maintaining relationships through customer service. An account executive is responsible for client accounts in many fields including marketing, information technology (IT) or advertising. Account executives are also known as account handlers and sometimes sales representatives. Almost all account executives work in offices, and many travel for client meetings. The day-to-day life of an account executive can be fast-paced and competitive, and filled with meetings with colleagues, clients and prospective clients.

8. Community Manager
A community manager helps organizations build and grow their online presence. A good community manager needs to be an excellent communicator in order to use digital channels and social media effectively. A good community manager also knows how to listen and take the pulse of what the community cares about. They also need to know about the latest shifts in technology and provide essential support for users. In a typical day, a community manager juggles many different responsibilities, and manages many different projects, all requiring a great attention to detail.

9. Director of Operations
A director of operations manages an organization’s operations and oversees and encourages its growth and profitability. Also known as a business operations manager, the director of operations plays a principle role in setting up and overseeing a company’s customer retention. To be good at this profession you need to have excellent organizational and planning skills, great leadership qualities, and know how to engage and inspire teams.

10. Entrepreneur
Have a business idea in mind? Become an entrepreneur and build your own business! Becoming an entrepreneur is definitely a good option if you like the idea of being your own boss. Successful entrepreneurs are disciplined, confident and open-minded, self-starters who have a competitive edge, are determined, and have a passion for their business.

Learn How Anderson College can Help You

Did any of the jobs listed above inspire you? If so, get started with planning your new career right now by taking steps to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Take the “Anderson College Business Career Discovery Quiz”

As part of its Business Management program, Anderson College offers on-the-job training with potential employers. The program also introduces students to various aspects of business operations, and helps them build a fundamental understanding of best business practices, functions, and processes. Students will master business management competencies and build the analytic, problem-solving, time-management and communication skills necessary to succeed as business professionals.

Anderson College graduates can look forward to a variety of career options in the business world.

Interested in pursuing your Business Management career? Learn more about the program here or book an express appointment with our Admissions team.

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