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10 Awesome Reasons to Become an Early Childcare Assistant!

By June 6, 2016August 19th, 2022No Comments
10 Awesome Reasons to Become an Early Childcare Assistant!

1- Amazing placements 

Anderson College students are required to complete mandatory job placements in order to gain valuable experience for their future careers.  Use this opportunity to learn from experienced mentors. Observe how Early Childcare Educators handle disruptive situations and watch how they diffuse tense situations.

2- Great things happen often 

Like our Instructors, Early Childcare Assistants are a happy bunch.  They are excited about their work each day and this directly impacts how they will excel in the workplace.  Remember, a child’s first teacher is often the one he or she remembers the most which means you could be that person in the life of the children you teach.

3- You will become more flexible 

Although young children need a consistent schedule, you will learn to always allow for the unexpected.  Children are inquisitive and spontaneous by nature.  This also makes them quite fun to be around!  What if snow starts falling or a school bus arrives outside?  You will learn to make use of these simple, teachable moments and bring them into everyday life!

4- You will start the day with a smile 

There is something about working with children that makes it possible to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Not only does smiling make you feel good, it will reassure parents that you will care for their child and the children feel more comfortable as well!

5- Your cleaning skills will be top-notch 

Kids make a mess!  Make sure your classroom is tidy and safe at all times.  Making lists of potential hazards and keeping things orderly will prevent accidents from happening.  A bonus of working in a clean environment is that it also directly affects your health in positive ways!

6- Respect for others  

Working as an Early Childcare Assistant will help you to realize that each child has a different learning style. Some children learn best in visual mode, others in auditory mode and some learn best in a kinesthetic style including using their hands to feel, touch, and explore. By evaluating each child and finding his or her best learning style you will help in their educational process.

7- Making a difference

Different children come from different family environments.  Sadly, some of the children you are working with may even be living in homeless shelters or dysfunctional families. They may exhibit aggressive behavior, signs of withdrawal, or disruptive conduct. Realize that a structured environment, consistent daily routine, compassion and shared control between adult and child are critical for a distressed child.  You can help to be a consistent rock in a child’s life.

8- You don’t ever have to stop learning 

If you love learning, this is the right job for you!  Always keep an open mind. Read recent reports on child care. Consider upgrading your diploma or take a refresher course at Anderson College – All  Anderson College graduates are welcome to take a refresher course at any time.

9- Be social and have fun

Being an active member of a professional organization provides you with a network of like-minded individuals!  These events can actually be quite fun with the right bunch of people!  You can learn from others, meet new people in your field and have a wider network for future job opportunities. It also proves your serious about the career you chose.

10- You get to be a professional

Having a good working relationship with others is always important.  Keep relationships professional at all times and focus on the children.  Sure, working with kids is fun but always remember that you are one of the highest-ranked employees within a childcare centre.  Learn from this opportunity and it will take you far in life.  Being friendly and courteous to teachers and parents ensures all will be confident leaving their children in your good hands.


For more information about Anderson College and our Early Childcare Assistant program, please visit us online for more contact information.


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