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Stacy-Ann L. (PSW)

My experience at Anderson College was amazing; I had the best teacher anyone could ask for and her name is Michelle. The rest of the staff was also wonderful. I have learned to be patient and how to deal with people with disabilities. My experience in the long-term care and community care was also really interesting; I met a lot of different people with all types of illnesses and seniors that are so friendly and loving. I will display all the experience that I have gathered from my time spent at Anderson College in my career field. Thank you, Anderson College!

Saadia K.(MLA/T)

I was extremely satisfied with the teacher and the training they provided at Anderson College. The teachers were dedicated and devoted. They provided us with all the tools to become great professionals in our chosen field!

Richelle A. (M/LAT)

It’s was a great experience to be a student at Anderson College. At first, I did need to adjust to the new environment and all the students are great. I want to thank all the teachers of Anderson College for sharing their knowledge & skills with us to be a better person. And thank you to all the staff that also helped us!

Fresyl B. (MOA)

My journey with Anderson College was great. I learned so many new skills and acquired a great deal of knowledge. That I will be able use to obtain a great career & be successful in life. Thank you for the wonderful experience! I will never forget my great teachers. They were excellent and experts in their field. To all the staff, they were great, so patient with all the students.

Harold M.(M/LAT)

I would like to thank Anderson College for giving me all the training and knowledge that assisted me in landing a job. I was hired right after I completed my internship/placement program. I really appreciate all your help!

Mino M.(M/LAT)

I would like to thank Anderson College of Health, Business & Technology for giving me the opportunity to study and a great experience learning and enhancing my knowledge.

Annalyn M. (PSW)

I would like to recommend Anderson College to every International student like me who wants to gain employment in Canada. Going back to school helped me to improve my skills and all the staff was helpful and are concerned about their students. The training they provided was above excellent and the terms of payment they offered was affordable. You can still manage your finances even if you are living by yourself. Ms. Michelle is really an excellent teacher.

Sonal P. (M/LAT)

I appreciated all the support and help that I was provided. I also want to thank Linda, Bardhyl, Liz, Marjorie, Mary and everyone who helped me in during my studies.

Natalia I. (Early Childcare Assistant)

I am really grateful for the training I received from Anderson College. It gave me the opportunity to find a job in my field and continue my goals with success.

Miki C. L. (MLA/T)

It was a wonderful experience to have friends at school and have a wonderful time learning from great professors.

Herman C.D.( PSW)

It was a great experience studying at Anderson College. Our Instructor was very knowledgeable and very approachable. The staff was great and assisted us me throughout the program on any issues or matters I may have needed help with.

Judy T (PSW)

Knowledge, experience, and life’s lessons are what Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology imparted and I will be forever grateful that you have taught us well! Thank you!

Normina M. (PSW)

I had a great learning experience with Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology. I had an excellent teacher by the name of Michele Lenz and all of the staff was very helpful. They listened to any and all concerns and were ready to do something about it. I am grateful that I was able to study at Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology.

Fariba B. (MLA/T)

I want to say thank you for your excellent teaching staff. The teaching skills are unique. This course and also Anderson college was a great experience for me. I learned about the Canadian education environment, found very good friends and it gave me a great feeling. I agree that any time we can learn new skills and change our destiny; it truly is a great thing! I wish you and your Family all the best.

Yuriria O.B.(MOA)

I had a very good experience at Anderson College. All the Instructors and staff are very helpful and pleasant people who always provided support in any way that I needed. They are continuing to help me in my search for my future career in order for me to become successful.

Erina S.(Business Admin)

It was a great experience studying at Anderson College. I got the chance to meet new friends from different cultures and societies. This course has helped me to build my self-confidence and also helps in building and gaining more skills required for my future career goals. All the staff and teachers were great and they helped me when I needed any information regarding my course. It was overall a great experience studying in this college.

Radjeep S. (MLA/T)

I would like to say thank you for everything and I do not have any negative comments about the school.

Sunder Bob S. (MLA/T)

My experience at Anderson College was a great one. The teachers were amazing and professional especially Bardhyl, he as a teacher is very professional and masterful at his work. I cannot say anything more than just thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Azalja B. (MLA/T)

My experience at Anderson College was great! Although I had a challenging time adjusting to a new country and new friends it was actually worthwhile. I had a lot of support from the staff and also a lot of encouragement. My time at Anderson College was well spent.

Shahram S. (MLA/T)

It was a great experience and honour to be a part of the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Anderson College. I have obtained vast amounts of knowledge and information through theoretical as well as practical courses being delivered by wonderful, skillful and knowledgeable Instructors.

Peter M. (MLAT/T)

Anderson College is a great campus as you will get both practical and theoretical materials, I am proud of myself for being amongst the graduates from Anderson College. Anderson College changed my life in appearance and thinking, so well done Anderson College!

Vanessa E. (MLA/T)

I enjoyed my time studying here at Anderson College, aside from meeting new and amazing people. I learned new and amazing things that will help me for my future career goals. They take good care of every student, making sure that every student is doing great! This also includes students doing great with all their subjects and understanding all the lecture materials that are being discussed. I would definitely recommend this school to my friends who are looking for a new career.

Phoebe C. D. (MLAT/T)

I am glad to be a part of Anderson College! I have learned a lot of knowledge through my Instructors and I really enjoyed my placement experience!

Thuan T. (Esthetics)

I am glad to have had a chance to join the Esthetics program at Anderson College. I had a great Instructor by the name of Monica Dispenza. She has helped me by providing me a lot of great information and knowledge. I feel lucky to have had her during my Esthetics program and all of the members of the Anderson College staff. I am thankful for you all

Employer comments on Duncan

“It has been our pleasure to have Duncan. The staff rave about him all the time. He is a great representative of your program (MLAT at Anderson College).” – Sharon H., Manager, Laboratory Services, Markham Stouffville Hospital

Vida V. (Esthetics)

You (Monica, Esthetics instructor) showed me the right path towards success, you moulded me into the right shape to reach new heights. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support!

Raquel M. (MLA/T)

I felt very honored to be working with Evangeline (career services) who's interested in others' well-being. I appreciate it a lot.

Kelesha B. (MLA/T)

I must say your (career) workshops helped me a lot with my interview. I am grateful that I have attended them!

Sabu C. (PSW)

I always remember Michele's (instructor) words at work to ensure a safe, private environment for all residents. I was promoted at work and received more shifts as a result.

Ameen V. (MLA/T)

I want to thank you for everything. I learned a lot from the college in regards to healthcare and the importance of professionalism and punctuality.

Amy B. (ECG/Phlebotomy)

I greatly enjoyed coming to Anderson College, the smaller class size and hands on approach were very helpful. The lab … was quite extensive and always well stocked, organized and clean. My teacher was always available, supportive and full of helpful hints. In the past I have struggled with school, but due to the great teachers and lots of hands-on training, I was able to achieve all my goals!

Irina V. (MLA/T)

Want to thank the College for a great experience that I have gained through my study process. I had no medical background before I came here. Got hired through my placement and now I am a full time worker in one of the biggest laboratories of Canada. Thanks everybody!

Camille J. (MLA/T)

I am very thankful that I enrolled in this School. I have learned a lot of things. Trained and assisted by the best people. All the staff are knowledgeable with what they do. And the people are the best in the field. I would definitely recommend this school to all the people I know! And to all staff, keep up the good work!

Carolyn M. (MOA)

I have been out of school for a while with no training in the medical field. The teachers were great and they really helped me a lot. When I had questions they were there to help even after school. When I was at my placement I was lucky to get hired. Thanks to the College and the teachers that helped make this happen for me!

Bennedict C. (MLA/T)

I have received the good news that I will be reporting to work at a Research Laboratory where I am doing my placement. I was so happy because getting a job meant so much to me! I am very pleased and humbled because without the standard of excellence that you set with your teaching, prodding me to better myself each day, I would not have come this far. I owe this to you, thank you!

Alia G. (MLA/T)

Anderson College is one of the best institutes to get a diploma to be a medical laboratory technician. Thanks to all!

Shanti P. (MLA/T)

My experience was very good. Excellent teachers. Excellent staff. Always helpful.

Maria A. (MLA/T)

… it was not only that I learned a lot but I also enjoyed studying here. Everyone is good to you and accommodating. And the best of all is they prepare you for the future; give you more than enough education. Thank you…

Zia S. (MLA/T)

Great place for those who want to build career in healthcare sector. Excellent teaching staff and others. They help in every way possible. Thank you…

Karin G. (MLA/T)

I really enjoyed the time at the College because Linda is a great teacher with unbelievable background. She can explain everything and has an answer for any question. She can handle every situation perfectly. She makes the lessons interesting and understandable, clear and comprehensible. My classmates were great, helped each other and had fun. Lessons were well structured. I felt well prepared for the exams! Thanks!
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