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Perinatal Support Worker*

What is Perinatal Support Worker?

A Perinatal Support Worker or PNSW is someone who has graduated from a specialized program in perinatal care that allows them to provide non- medical, physical, emotional and educational support for women and their families from pregnancy through to the 1st year of infancy.


The Perinatal Support Worker training is comprised of a combination of in class programing and a structured independent learning program for a total of 145 academic hours. The program provides students with more time to process the information they receive and allows them to understand the benefit of their role within their scope of practice, provide the best support possible to their clients and to become respected members of the health care team.


Perinatal Support Workers will be able to offer comprehensive care to new and expecting parents through educational prenatal and parenting classes, support a medical professional and hands on support within the home environment.


Program Objectives / Job Opportunities

The PNSW course is comprised of 8 modules, each with approximately 16 hours of in-class participation as well as another 30-35 hours of guided independent study. 


The in-class sessions include theory and skills practice which are important factors in developing and exercising the skills necessary for providing perinatal support. The students are provided with mentoring from the various faculty as well as support industry workers. Opportunities for field work may arise throughout the program. Whenever possible these will be offered to students.


Upon completion of this program the learner is expected to understand and/or demonstrate:

  • The role of the PNSW and the scope of practice. 
  • The importance of working within the PNSW scope of practice.
  • The importance of using evidence-based resources and practices to support clients throughout the reproductive cycle.
  • The skills to work as a professional in an interdisciplinary health care setting.
  • The skills necessary to provide non-judgemental support to a diverse population.
  • The skills to individualize education and resources which reflect the needs of a client when supporting their right to practice informed decision making.
  • An understanding of maternal/infant health and how to provide safe and professional support.
  • The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby and how to facilitate best outcomes for breastfeeding success.
  • The importance of facilitating partner’s ability to support mother and baby.
  • The impact of sleep on wellbeing and how to facilitate healthy sleeping habits for parents and babies.


As a Perinatal Support Worker, you can work within:





*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act,2005

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