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Medical Laboratory Technician

What is a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLA/T)?

Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Medical Laboratory Technicians are trained to work under the supervision of a Technologist to conduct routine diagnostic tests, as well as set-up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. As a Medical Laboratory Technician you will be responsible to collect blood, tissue and other samples from patients, as well as log patient samples and prepare them for testing. You will perform laboratory procedures such as preparing specimens for testing, preparing culture media and stock solutions, and recognizing problems and errors in lab procedures. Medical Laboratory Technicians use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing a number of tests simultaneously, as well as microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment.

Program Objectives / Job Opportunities

Our Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma Program emphasizes the importance of hands-on training. Being proficient in blood collection, performing ECG's, and the use of various laboratory equipment(s) are as vital as learning the theory behind the practice. All of our students learn about the value of patient communication and patient care as interpersonal skills are a fundamental part of being a successful Medical Laboratory Technician.
Our students have the advantage of working within our fully equipped and automated diagnostic laboratory. With the training we offer in our modern and up-to-date facilities and led by our highly qualified Instructors, graduates will have the competitive edge when seeking employment. Upon successful completion of our program, students are eligible to sit for both the National and Provincial certification exams through the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT). Our program provides our students with an online review class and mock exams to assist in preparing for the certification process.
Once you have earned your diploma as Medical Laboratory Technician, you can work within:


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Financial Assistance May be Available to Those Who Qualify. Contact one of our career consultants for more information.
We provide English language lessons that will help you develop your English skills, these lessons are free for our students.


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