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Career Services

Resumes & Cover Letters

We believe that your resume and cover letter should be a continual work in progress. This is why we do not wait until the last week or the last day of school to begin perfecting your resume and cover letter! We provide you with workshops, one on one counseling, and informative packages to help guide you throughout the first steps in finding your job. With new advanced technologies in resume scanning, we will help give you those key words to get your resume chosen for the next big step…the Interview!

Job Search

So now you have a great resume, and a unique and tailored cover letter! The only way to get people to read it is by taking action. You have to get yourself out there! We will teach you simple, easy techniques on how to send your resume out, and how to follow up without frustrating the HR department. Just because a job is not posted doesn’t mean a company is not looking for someone just like you! We have some great secrets to success that we will share with you!

Interview Techniques

You did it! You landed the interview! This is great! Now what? Well, we will take you each step of the way, from what to wear to what to say! How to shake hands, how to be confident, how to prove you are the BEST one for the job! Your success is our success, and this is why we want to prepare you to be the only candidate that company wants to hire.
As a student and graduate these services are provided for you indefinitely! There are no fees and no time limits to these services! Your goal is to get the job, our goal is to get you hired, with our support and your actions, success will surely follow! 
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Applicants should contact the Admissions Office and book an appointment.
During your initial visit, you are not required to bring any document with you. You will be advised by the concerned school staff of any supporting documentations needed for your next visit.
Yes. There are different complimentary support services available for Anderson College students such as peer-to-peer tutor and ESL classes.

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