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Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

What is a Logistics and Supply Chain Professional?

Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals undertake numerous responsibilities in the logistics and supply chain operations which includes: coordinating logistics, transportation and freight forwarding operations; optimizing order frequency, cycles and transit options; scheduling delivery, track status and expedite overdue shipments; sourcing suppliers, inquire quotations and tender submissions; negotiating pricing, terms of delivery and other contract details; processing purchase orders, freight forwarding and other Documentation; monitoring inventory levels and generate inventory reports; reconciling physical inventories and resolve material discrepancies; reporting loss, damage and return of goods and materials.

Program Objectives / Job Opportunities

The Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Diploma Program introduces the students to the modern practices and concepts of logistics and supply chain management as a vital part of corporate success in the local and global marketplace. Students will gain professional competencies needed for entry-level careers in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management in various industries, public sector, retail, freight forwarding, import/export and other areas of the economy. Graduates will be responsible for planning and supporting decision making processes related to sourcing, supplier selection, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, quality assurance and disposition of goods and materials. Potential employers range from traditional manufacturers and retailers to supply chain specialists like consulting firms and transportation service providers.
Once you have earned your diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Operations , you can find opportunities as: 
Retail and Distribution
Service Firms
Manufacturing and Production
Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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